Graphology handwriting analysis questions about hamlet

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Graphology Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Graphology: Handwriting Analysis Strokes. Uncover Personality Characteristics

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Handwriting analysis simply implies that one analyses handwriting. The term “Graphology” presumes that it is more of a study or a science. Graphe from the Greek meaning to write and logos from the Greek meaning study.

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Remember that the basic assumption underlying graphology is that handwriting is an expression of the personality; hence, a systematic analysis of the way a person forms words and letters will reveal traits of personality.

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Graphology, or handwriting analysis is a system of analyzing the the patterns and physical characteristics in a persons handwriting.

What is Graphology

It can be used as an indicator of personality traits and of the mood of the writer at the time of writing. Yes, handwriting analysis (also known as scientific graphology) has been studied for hundreds of years. The first book published on the subject was in by Camillo Baldo.

As such, handwriting analysis predates psychology.

Graphology handwriting analysis questions about hamlet
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5 Important Questions about Graphology